BOOL __stdcall SendPacketsToMstcp ( HANDLE hOpen, PETH_M_REQUEST pPacket );

Return Value:
TRUE if call was successful, FALSE otherwise

Specifies driver object open handle.
Pointer to the user allocated and initialized ETH_M_REQUEST structure.

The following fields of ETH_M_REQUEST must be initialized:

  • ETH_M_REQUEST.hAdapterHandle must be set to the interface handle (obtained via call to GetTcpipBoundAdaptersInfo) from which you would like to simulate receive.
  • ETH_M_REQUEST.dwPacketsNumber must be set to the number of initialized NDISRD_ETH_Packet structures in EthPacket array
  • ETH_M_REQUEST.EthPacket[].Buffer must point to the user allocated and initialized INTERMEDIATE_BUFFER structure

The following fields of the INTERMEDIATE_BUFFER should be initialized:

  • INTERMEDIATE_BUFFER.m_IBuffer should contain Ethernet packet
  • INTERMEDIATE_BUFFER.m_Length should be initialized to the actual length of the packet

This member is a wrapper for CNdisApi::SendPacketsToMstcp