Local Network Monitor

Local Network Monitor is an application that lets you monitor and control network activity of TCP/IP protocol stack on your local system in a real time. It monitors activity at the Transport Driver Interface (TDI) level of networking operations in the operating system kernel and intended for tracking down network-related configuration problems and analyzing application network troubleshooting, investigating and blocking suspicious network activity. Local Network Monitor lets you obtain detailed statistics on the application network requests and amount of data sent and received over a connection and view the packet’s content, which makes it a useful tool for performance diagnostics.

System Requirements

Windows NT 4.0 Windows Server 2003 Windows 7
Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows XP Windows Server 2008

If you run Local Network Monitor on Windows NT 4.0 you require the following:

COMCTL32.DLL version 4.7 or higher. You can obtain such a version with Internet Explorer 4.0, Internet Explorer 5.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0, available for free download from the Microsoft’s Windows Update website.

Product features

  • Watch an application’s TCP/IP activity in real-time.
  • Obtain detailed statistics on the amount of data sent and received over a connection.
  • Watch the packet’s content as hexadecimal and/or ASCII dump.
  • Save TCP/IP activity logs to file.
  • Filter the data captured so that you only see packets that were sent or received with particular protocol, from particular local port range, to remote addresses and port range.
  • Localhost (127.XXX.XXX.XXX) network activity monitoring (not available in the majority of network sniffers available on the market).
  • Block selected network activity (desktop firewall)

Download & Licensing

Since November 27, 2020, you can download and use the full version of Local Network Monitor 3.6 free of charge. Use the following information to register the software

  • Username: Freeware
  • Company: Freeware
  • Product ID: E30511E45F857F61
Local Network Monitor
3.6 07.11.2011 1.1 MB Download

How to install

Unzip and run LocalNetMon.zip.


Local Network Monitor software is supplied AS-IS, without warranties of any kind.