NT Kernel Resources specializes in products and services in the field of Windows kernel-mode development, networking and security. Our goal is to provide solutions to simplify the development process of complex software products (which normally require kernel-mode drivers or undocumented Windows knowledge) and personalized consulting services to customers who have requirements in this area. In many cases a customer’s requirements can be satisfied by adapting or “bending” and existing driver or toolkit to provide new functionality. This has proved to be a fairly efficient development approach.

Our products are licensed with no recurring royalty for product distribution in executable form. The “Source Code” version includes complete source and it is provided with the intent that the customer adapt and modify it to derive their own proprietary solutions.

We are pleased to support customers who have development requirements in the field of our expertise. Whether your requirement is simple (making a customized version of our driver) or an innovative new requirement, give us a call. We will be glad to offer an initial consultation at no cost and our rates are competitive even when compared with “offshore” development houses.

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