BOOL CNdisApi::SetAdapterListChangeEvent ( HANDLE hEvent );

Return Value:
TRUE if call was successful, FALSE otherwise

Handle to user created Win32 event. Set it to NULL if you want to release event.

The user application should create a Win32 event (with CreateEvent API call) and pass the event handle to this function. Helper driver will signal this event when TCP/IP bound adapter’s list changes (an example this happens on plug/unplug network card, disable/enable network connection or etc.). Usually, you should call CNdisApi::GetTcpipBoundAdaptersInfo and renew your adapter associated structures on this event.

This member calls the filter driver with IOCTL_NDISRD_SET_ADAPTER_EVENT control code (see details below).


Input BufferWin32 event handle or NULL if you want to release event.
Input Buffer Sizesizeof(HANDLE)
Output BufferNone
Output Buffer Size0