BOOL __stdcall NdisrdRequest (HANDLE hOpen, PPACKET_OID_DATA OidData, BOOL Set);

Return Value:
TRUE if call was successful, FALSE otherwise


Specifies driver object open handle.

Specifies the pointer to the user allocated and initialized _PACKET_OID_DATA structure.

Specifies if the operation is a set (set=TRUE) or a query (set=FALSE).

This function is used to perform a query/set operation on the adapter pointed by OidData.hAdapterHandle. With this function, it is possible to obtain or define various parameters of the network adapter, like the dimension of the internal buffers, the link speed or the counter of corrupted packets. The constants that define the operations are declared in the file ntddndis.h. More details on the argument can be found in the documentation provided with the Microsoft DDK.

NOTE: not all the network adapters implement all the query/set functions. There is a set of mandatory OID functions that is granted to be present on all the adapters, and a set of facultative functions, not provided by all the adapters (see the DDKs to see which functions are mandatory). If you use a facultative function, be careful to enclose it in an if statement to check the result.
This function is a C_style wrapper for CNdisApi::NdisrdRequest