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      Thank you for this new driver but like rhodgerss just wrote, it doesnt provide us with the opportunity to give it a new MAC adress.
      Basicly the whole “Special” tab missing from the new virtual network adapter.

      Vadim Smirnov

        OK, I have added NetworkAddress property. You can download the updated driver using the same link

        Though please note that in this build assigning the network adapter hardware address has a few limitations:

        1) It should not be multicast address (addr[0] & 0x01 == 0)
        2) It should not be broadcast address (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF)
        3) It should be marked as assigned by the local administrator (addr[0] & 0x2 == 1)

        Example of valid address is 06-01-02-03-04-05


          Thanks again for the updated driver!
          Now there is an option to change the MAC adress, but it doesnt rly wanna accept a new one.
          If i try to give it a new Value:
          new MAC adress Value

          It’s keep the old Value:
          old MAC adress remains

          My OS is in hungarian language (sorry for that 🙂 !)

          Vadim Smirnov

            You have not paid enough attention to my previous post mentioning locally administered MAC address requirement. You can read a little more on this here. In you case addr[0] = 0x74 and it does not meet the condition to be locally administered MAC address. You can use 0x72, 0x76, 0x7A or 0x7E instead.


              Vladim, I should make a statue for you!
              You make the live more enjoyable!
              Superb case resolved.
              Thanks for the support. It’s worthy.
              I gave up suffering!

              Vadim Smirnov

                Always glad to help 🙂


                  Vladim, thanks for the new version.
                  Is it possible to drop limitation #3, so we can use any mac address.
                  This is possible with the old version.

                  Vadim Smirnov

                    Is it possible to drop limitation #3, so we can use any mac address.

                    Yes, sure, it is possible. I also wanted to make few more adjustments to this new driver. Will add it this to the list.


                      Thanks for the quick reply!

                      I’v seen what you have wrote, i’m just not familiar with this locally administered MAC address stuff. 🙂
                      I’ll look after for sure.

                      If you coud update it again with the change what rofl suggested, it would be awesome.



                        I had to register to respond to both of you.

                        Vadim: Thanks for the driver. On Tuesday the 5th, several hours after you posted the link I installed VirtNet60 to great success.

                        stefat: You give up too easily. I entered my desired MAC of 00-17-30-xx-xx-xx and got the same thing. However, a quick search of the registry for the MAC I entered got me to the KEY “NetworkAddress” with my MAC address right below the “02 50 F2 E8 BD” address in KEY “NetvminiMacAddress” where I replace that with my desired MAC and all works great.
                        It’s located under one of the #### directories under:


                        Again, thanks Vadim for the updated driver and thanks to rofl for starting the thread.


                          Thank you for your reply!

                          I’v tried what you wrote and it works!

                          Thank you!

                          And ofc big Thanks for Vadim too!


                            Thanks so much Vadim! But i don’t understand the how it works. Can explain again? I need to use network address: 3085A994CF91. / ac220b82d501
                            I use this 2 mac address.

                            Thanks a lot!


                              Here is my way:
                              1. Go to “Device Manager” and install the driver.
                              Device Manager
                              Install the driver
                              2. Go to “Network & Internet settings” and check the Status of the Virtnet adapter.
                              Status of the Virtnet adapter
                              (You will see the following MAC adress: 02-50-F2-0F-52-00)
                              MAC adress
                              3. Right click on “Start menu” -> Run regedit.
                              Run regedit
                              4. In regedit search(Ctrl+F) for: “NetvminiMacAddress”
                              search for: NetvminiMacAddress
                              You have to change the value of this REG_BINARY key
                              REG_BINARY key
                              Your REG_BINARY key
                              5. Go again into “Network & Internet settings” and disable, then enable the Virtnet card.
                              disable, then enable
                              6. After this you have to see your MAC adress in Status.
                              your MAC adress in Status
                              Good luck 🙂


                                Thanks Stefat! I just did whats you wrote and now the program works!!

                                Thanks a lot!!



                                  I’ve always used the Virtnet driver on Win7, now after the upgrade to Win 10 Enterprise Build 1809 that didn’t work anymore and I stumbled on this thread.

                                  I tried downloading the suggested VirtNet60 driver but unfortunately Windows doesn’t want to install it since it’s telling me the driver is not intended for this platform. I wanted to kick myself since obviously I thought I took the wrong version but actually I didn’t and even tried all the versions in the zip file…

                                  It this possible? I’m guessing my OS is in the meantime at NDIS 6.82 and maybe the driver is still at NDIS 6.0?

                                  Thank you in advance for reading this.
                                  Best regards.

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