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      I am currently testing NT Kernel Personal Firewall and am very happy with it. However it appears to only be active when a user is logged in and running it.

      Is there some way to make it run as a service?

      I have already selected the option to load at system startup but that simply puts it in the run registry key – it does not install it as a service. If I leave a machine at the logon screen it never runs.

      Vadim Smirnov

        This feature (running firewall as a service) will be avalable in the next release (expected in January 2004).

        Thank you for your interest.


          I was searching for this kind of product for a very long time! I’ve tried the demo version 1.2 and I liked it very much, but it’s useless for my purpose if I can’t run it as a service.

          So now it’s March 2004 and still no trace of a service. Any news on it yet?



            Like rozi, I am very satisfied by your demo product. Contrary to other personnal firewall, yours is simple, efficient and professionnal : It’s like my hardware firewall.
            But it will be more efficient if it can run as a service.
            When do you planned to update your software?
            It’s coming soon or maybe have you stopped your development ?

            Thanx for your answer.

            Vadim Smirnov

              Thank you for your interest. NT Kernel Firewall 2.0 development was not stopped, but this is a low priority project for us (caused by very low level of sales).

              However, taking into account your interest in this product we could release the intermediate version of it (1.3) with the fetures you would like to have first. We really appreciate your ideas and interest.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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