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Vadim Smirnov

Well, you are right, but this is not about statefull inspection but the way the rules were originally implemented. IN means incoming packets, OUT means outgoing packets (in current implementation specifying only IN or only OUT for TCP protocol is senseless) and it is not exactly the same as IPFW rules where IN means incoming connection, OUT means outgoing connection for TCP. I agree that this may confuse a bit and probably it makes sense to change this behavoiur in order to avoid missunderstandings. Thanks for pointing this.

The rule you have created allows any system connect your port (from any port) 80 and connecting any your local port from port 80 what really breaks any security. Basically if you want to allow any kind of outgoing connections you are supposed to use on the the Stealth Security levels and create rules to drop undesired outgoing connections and may be some rules to open local ports if you also work as server. High Securty level was designed for servers which are supposed not to go outside world but just open some local ports to provide services for their users.