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Vadim Smirnov

WinpkFilter 3.0.4 released. This service release includes:

1) Compatibility fixes in WinpkFilter API DLL and drivers
2) x64 driver support for 32 bit code running in WOW64. This feature should be useful for developers whose development tools does not include x64 native compiler. An example, Delphi 32-bit application can work with WinpkFilter driver on Windows x64.
3) Kernel level filters. You can load a filter table into WinpkFilter driver which defines rules for packet pass, block or redirect_and_ process by your application. This may seriously improve perfomance.
4) C# interface and samples

Important note:
For Windows Vista and later versions of the Windows family of operating systems, kernel-mode software must have a digital signature to load on x64-based computer systems. WinpkFilter drivers are not signed and in order to test them on Vista x64 you should press F8 during system boot and choose Disable Driver Signature Enforcement option. For the commercial software you’d have to obtain Code Signing certificate from Verysign or another Certificate Authority authorized by Microsoft.

If you are eligible for a free update, please send the following details to to receive an update instruction:

1. Your order ID.
2. An approximate date of purchasing.