Bypassing Egypt’s WireGuard Ban: An Update

By | May 18, 2024

In our earlier post, we discussed bypassing Egypt’s WireGuard VPN ban by routing handshake packets through a SOCKS5 proxy. However, recent developments indicate this method is no longer sufficient.

Together with Shady Nagy, we’ve researched and tested a new approach. In the preliminary WireSock VPN Client v1.2.41, a new parameter, Socks5ProxyAllTraffic, has been added. When set to true (e.g., Socks5ProxyAllTraffic = true), it forces all WireGuard traffic through the SOCKS5 proxy, effectively masking it from DPI detection.

To implement this, ensure you reduce the MTU by 10-20 bytes to account for the SOCKS5 UDP header.

The WireSock VPN Client v1.2.41 is available for download:

For more information and detailed configuration steps, visit Shady Nagy’s Guide.

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