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      Hi again,

      I wanted to ask about that for a while now, would you say Fast I/O should be faster than events-based approach?

      Secondly, is there any way to figure out why ReadPacketsUnsorted fails (returns FALSE)?
      I can’t seem to read the traffic I’ve missed between setting and resetting the fast_io_header.read_in_progress_flag without it.
      I also don’t see ReadPacketsUnsorted being used in the fastio_packet_filter class from the cpp examples.

      Also, slightly off-topic, but is there any way to get the packet timestamps out of the captured traffic? I find that getting it from std::chrono for every piece of captured traffic is having an impact on how well it performs and was wondering if I’ve just missed it. So far I’ve moved it out so that the timestamp is generated once for every batch of traffic and I wonder how inaccurate that will be.

      Kind regards,


      PS.: Just wanted to let you know that AddSecondaryFastIo is not in the documentation, but I saw how it’s used in the examples.

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