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      So, I stumbled across this month ago or so and just got around to playing with it the last few days. first off, AWESOME. second off, THANKS. third off, Please keep this project going. 🙂

      That all said. A few things I figured out the good old hard way (trial and error).

      in my case I had to remove the netmask from the Address= field in order for the tun adapter to start. also had to have a DNS entry or the tun adapter would not start got the same errors as above post mentions even with admin permissions.

      I am currently trying to find a way to limit process names from going through the tunnel though. in my case I have multiple mysqld.exe process’s running on the same windows box listening on different physical interface ips. 1 or more of those mysqld.exe process I want to go through the tunnel while not other mysqld.exe process’s. atm it seems to be all mysqld.exe process’s or nothing as an example?

      Currently playing with v1.2.8.1

      Anyhows. Thanks again for everything!



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