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    Hi, SerpentFly,

    Whether is possibly using Winkpkfilter with IPSecVPN? I establish a udp-tunnel between the client and server with Winpkfilter and no IPSecVPN (Client package data, the server unpacking it, and vice versa), and the tunnel works fine! But when the udp-tunnel with the IPSecVPN-Client running at the same time(both winpkfilter and ipsecvpn client install on the same PC), and the udp-tunnel doesn’t work. I think if the udp-tunnel is running over ipsecvpn tunnel (means udp-tunnel package the data first, ipsecvpn package again, and send the packet to the peer), and the udp tunnel will work fine. But the result is not what I expected. NDIS Drive doing the same package, Whether is possibly set a sequence?

    If you can give recommendations would be very grateful…

    Vadim Smirnov

    I’m not familier with IPSECVPN software you use, but yes, there are two possibilities:

    1) IPSEC driver above WinpkFilter: in this case instead normal TCP/IP packets (all or only part of them depending on IPSEC policy) you intercept encrypted IPSEC packets. I’m not sure how your WinpkFilter software would deal with these packets (tries to tunnel or ignores).
    2) IPSEC driver below WinpkFilter: in this case your UDP tunnel packets can be encrypted by IPSEC driver (depending on the policy).

    I would check what packet you get in your WinpkFilter software and check what packet go out on the network media with network sniffer to discover the details.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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