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    Manpreet Singh

    WinpkFilter and LHMonitor are giving different destination and source ip addresses on same packets.

    i.e if we compare the port addresses of the same packet captured by the both they are same, but on same packet their Ip addresses are different.

    I am using Tunnel mode in winpkfilter

    This is the part of code, using these variables

    tcphdr_ptr pTcp;
    LOG_INFO LogInfo;
    iphdr_ptr pIp;

    //they are equal
    LogInfo.m_RemoteAddress.m_Port == ntohs(pTcp->th_dport)
    LogInfo.m_LocalAddress.m_Port == ntohs(ptcp->th_sport)

    //but addresses are not
    LogInfo.m_RemoteAddress.m_Ip != pIp->ip_dst.S_un.S_addr
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