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    Unfortunately, as often happens, this message appeared
    1. After my monitor failed and was replaced
    2. After a windows security update
    3. After I lost the internet and my modem showed it wasn’t connecting.

    Prior to the monitor failing it was powering up and off continually before staying on and working ‘perfectly’. i.e. I had no issues if I left the monitor and PC permanently powered up with no sleep/hibernation mode activated.

    The internet connection was also extremely slow, in fact the PC was very slow. This seemed to improve when I cleaned all the add-ons and browser rubbish that gets downloaded these days (my fault entirely).

    Having replaced the monitor everything seemed to power up much quicker (obviously) but also the speed of the PC improved. The internet failed to be accessible and then the ‘Winpk filter….” error message appeared.

    The cable company declined to help with the internet saying it was obviously a PC related problem. They wouldn’t even say what the filter did and how I might resolve it.

    Searching the internet (on my ipad) I found many sites but few solutions discussing a fix, but still all too technical for me. I downloaded the Winpk filter package and rebooted the PC. The message popped back up and the internet was still unavailable.

    The only clue leading to a ‘solution’ was one post on a site that one mentioned ‘firewall’, so I turned off the Windows firewall (I have Windows 7) which I thought I disabled anyway as I run MacAfee Total protection package.

    I now have internet connection via the cable modem and a wifi router – I had tested my connections when the internet first failed and changed cables etc while problem solving the issue e.g. tried hard wired and/or wifi, swapped cables, rebooted modem, removed wifi etc etc.

    If everything now works was the Windows Firewall the cause of the failure of the Winpk filter, or was this just coincidence, and I do I need to do something else?

    Essentially – how do I remove the error message I am still generating?

    Vadim Smirnov

    Please clarify, are using an application build on top of WinpkFilter driver and this application reports that driver is missing?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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