trouble after install the winpkfilter 3.0.7 in VPS

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    my some guest tell me,after finishi the IMD setup,the server disconnected.

    i test for it on two pc. in fact,the netcard can’nt get anypacket and received anypacket.

    if it the ndisrd.sys has some problem.

    but after reboot the disconnect server,the work normal. 💡 💡


    today,test in a vps from remote. but after installed,the server disconnected!!!

    bug? i choose IMD method.


    to cotinuing…

    i had ask the customer tell me what’s the type of vps. he tell me, it is godaddy’s vps!

    so,i changed the version 3.0.6 to try to install.but at the end of the install,it show us below:

    Vadim Smirnov

    First, Windows VPS, an example Virtuozzo based ones, do not allow you to install custom drivers on them. The set of third party drivers which are allowed to load is defined by VPS vendor. I don’t know what VPS software is used at GoDaddy, but probably this is similar situation.

    Second, any Windows will disconnect the remote session during NDIS IM drivers installation because the network stack is rebound and existing connections are dropped.

    And third, even NDIS IM driver installation may require system reboot if stack can’t reinitialize dynamically.


    thanks you admin! i have got it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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