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      Hi …

      is there any example working like the legacy example snat ?

      thanks for your help

      Vadim Smirnov

        Unfortunately, no. Personally, I prefer C/C++ for protocol header manipulation, and when I had a need for NAT in a C# project, I implemented it as a C++/CLI class library.


          Thanks for your fast response !

          I tried to generate a dll out of the sample – but my c++ knowledge is basically zero …

          maybe you have an sample like snat in a dll ?

          Vadim Smirnov

            As I mentioned above, I once re-implemented NAT as a C++/CLI class library having the interface below. However, it’s a little complicated for the sample and I also need to preserve some sugar cubes for the customers.

            // natcl.h
            #pragma once
            using namespace System;
            using namespace Collections::Generic;
            using namespace Threading;
            using namespace msclr::interop;
            namespace nat_managed_lib
            public ref class managed_network_adapter_info sealed
            String^ adapter_name_;
            String^ friendly_name_;
            List<String^>^ ip_addresses_;
            property String^ AdapterName
            String^ get() { return adapter_name_; }
            void set(String^ value) { adapter_name_ = value; }
            property String^ FriendlyName
            String^ get() { return friendly_name_; }
            void set(String^ value) { friendly_name_ = value; }
            property List<String^>^ IpAddresses
            List<String^>^ get() { return ip_addresses_; }
            void set(List<String^>^ value) { ip_addresses_ = value; }
            public ref class nat_wrapper sealed
            event EventHandler^ AdaptersListChangeEvent;
            ManualResetEvent^ adapters_list_change_notify_event_;
            Thread^ adapter_list_change_notify_thread_;
            volatile bool is_adapter_list_change_thread_active_ = true;
            bool set_adapter_list_change_event();
            void adapter_list_change_thread();
            native::nat_unmanaged* native_nat_provider_;
            explicit nat_wrapper(String^ device_name);
            List<managed_network_adapter_info^>^ get_network_adapters();
            Boolean set_nat_parameters(
            // provider interface name
            String^ provider,
            // client interface name
            String^ client,
            // provider IP address to be used for NAT (adapter may have multiply IP addresses)
            String^ nat_ip,
            // DNS IP address for DNS forwarding
            String^ dns_ip,
            // Enable DNS forwarding (redirect DNS requests to the IP above). Otherwise client provided IP is used for DNS.
            Boolean dns_forwarding
            Boolean start_nat();
            Boolean stop_nat();
            Boolean is_started();
            Boolean is_ip_routing_dynamic_success();
            void re_initialize();
            Boolean block_client_ip_address(String^ ip_address);
            Boolean block_client_mac_address(String^ mac_address);
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