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      I installed the NeT Filter trial on a Win2k Server machine. I created some firewall rules for one of the adapters, but then the machine froze up. I uninstalled NeT Filter, and the freeze ups stopped, but the restrictive firewall rules seemed to be still in place for the one adapter. I reinstalled NeT Filter in order to remove rules. The slider bar for that adapter was all the way to the bottom, i.e., no restrictions, but then the machine locked up again. So I did another hard reboot, and uninstalled NeT Filter, but again, I can’t ping that adapter any more. How do I remove the leftover effects of NeT Filter? This is important and urgent. Thanks.

      Vadim Smirnov

        Uninstall process should remove all NeT Firewall components; however I don’t exclude the collision. Please check the registry key below, if it exists then just remove it and reboot (this is kernel component registry key). If it is not then probably your problems are caused by something else.


        Hope it helps…

        P.S. I would be gratefull if you could explain the problems you’d expirienced with NeT Firewall.


          Thanks for your prompt reply. Most of the syptoms that I experienced were described in the first post. The adapter that I was connecting to, and attempting to firewall, was a TAP-Win32 adapter installed by OpenVPN 2.0rc6.

          After seeing your reply I checked the registry. That key was already gone (NeT Filter was already uninstalled), like you expected. So, I uninstalled OpenVPN 2.0rc6, and installed the latest version, 2.0rc16. That didn’t seem to fix the problem, so I went into the TCP/IP properties for the new TAP-Win32 adapter, and then I enabled TCP/IP Filtering for all adapters, and I permitted all for TCP, UDP, and IP. Apparently, that cleared the problem, because a remote client can now connect to the VPN.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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