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    I’m trying to monitor packets on a computer that has two network interfaces using the ‘Local Network Monitor API’. My goal is to log per packet which type network adapter sent/received it. I have two types of adapters in my computer right now – one is a Wifi adapter and the other is a PPP adapter (cell modem). It does not appear that the LOG_INFO structure returned by calling ‘ReadLogEx’ provides this. Is there a way for me to log the type of network adapter per packet?




    You can use IPHelper API to query all the installed network adapters and NICs’ ip addresses. Then you can use this information to identify NIC by local ip address.

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    This does not sound like a practical solution to the problem as the cell modem IP can change from one data session to the next (it’s not static). In addition the WiFi IP address will change as we the computer associates with different access points. This leaves me without a way tabulate how much traffic was due to cellular usage vs Wi-Fi.

    Isn’t Windows 7 version of the “Local Network Monitor API” implemented using a Transport Layer Callout Driver. If this is the case you could just expose the ‘FWPS_FIELD_ALE_AUTH_CONNECT_V4_INTERFACE_TYPE’ field?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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