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      hello guys,

      i’d appreciate any answer for any question bellow:

      1. the request response for OID_GEN_VENDOR_DESCRIPTION contains a bigger string than the one returned from INetCfgComponent->GetDisplayName(). I need a method to determine if an adapter returned from INetCfgComponent->GetDisplayName() matches an adapter labeled, internally by the NDIS IM driver, with the strings returned by OID_GEN_VENDOR_DESCRIPTION. Am i right to suppose that the string returned at OID_GEN_VENDOR_DESCRIPTION always starts with the strings that starts with INetCfgComponent->GetDisplayName()?

      2.in my tdi driver, when a request is made to the driver, I’m able to
      get the process ID requiring it, but i’m not able to get the module from
      where the request is made ( I mean, if it comes from a DLL module ). I’m talking about the case when IExplorer loads a Strange.dll file which connects to the net, I need the path to Strange.dll file.
      Has anyone any idea about how am I able to get this?

      3. For people familiar with the Passthru sample: somtimes, when sys goes to hibernate, the pAdapt->OutstandingRequests in ProtoclRequestComplete is FALSE. Did anyone experienced this?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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