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    Hello I’m newbie in NDIS drivers development.

    I need to write Connection Oriented Driver for E1 adapter.

    DDK said that Call Manager and CoClient drivirs are Protocol drivers and requires to register NDIS_CALL_MANAGER_CHARACTERISTICS and NDIS_CLIENT_CHARACTERISTICS appropriately. In DDK also written that every protocol driver must register ProtocolXXX functions.

    So i would like note. Does implementation of Call Manager and CoClient require to different drivers or may be implementated inside the same driver.


    Vadim Smirnov

    Hmm, since you are going to create CoClient protocol driver and call manager I assume you have CoNDIS WAN driver for your device. If yes then probably you already have a separate call manager or this CoNDIS WAN driver is an MCM driver. Please clarify.



    I got to develop CoNDIS Wan too. I won’t like to use integrated call manager (MCM) in cause of scalability.
    I just have to develop all drivesr packet for device from scratch.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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