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    I need to enumerate names of devices objects belongs to not my DriverObject.
    I get DriverObject that i need by ObReferenceObjectByName, next i successfully enumerating Device Objects, but all the names are “(null)”. I see by DeviceTree.exe that all the Device Objects are not unnamed.

    Help me please, i need to do it as fast as i can , but i haven’t any idea what to do

    All the names getting from this code are =”(null)”;

    RtlInitUnicodeString( &nameUsbStor, L"\Driver\USBSTOR" );
    status = ObReferenceObjectByName(&nameUsbStor,OBJ_CASE_INSENSITIVE,NULL,(ACCESS_MASK)0L,*IoDriverObjectType,KernelMode,NULL,&DriverObject);
    if (NT_SUCCESS( status ))
    // request to know number of devices in USBSTOR
    status = (gFuncTbl.EnumerateDeviceObjectList)(DriverObject,NULL,0,&numDevices);

    DbgPrint("USBSTOR has devices num = %d rn",numDevices);

    if(status != STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL) goto func_exit_deref;

    numDevices += 8;//for some bad case

    devList = SDalloc(numDevices * sizeof(PDEVICE_OBJECT));

    if (NULL == devList) goto func_exit_deref;

    status = (gFuncTbl.EnumerateDeviceObjectList)(DriverObject,devList,(numDevices * sizeof(PDEVICE_OBJECT)),&numDevices);
    if (!NT_SUCCESS( status ))
    goto func_exit_deref;
    // Walk the given list of devices into USBSTOR
    for (i=0; i < numDevices; i++)
    SDGetObjectName( devList, &name );
    DbgPrint("device object of USBSTOR name = %wZ rn", &name);

    baseDeviceObject = (gFuncTbl.GetDeviceAttachmentBaseRef)( devList
    SDGetObjectName( baseDeviceObject, &name )
    ObDereferenceObject( baseDeviceObject );

    DbgPrint("baseDeviceObject name = %wZ rn",&name);

    currentDevObj = (gFuncTbl.GetAttachedDeviceReference)( devList
    SDGetObjectName( currentDevObj, &name );
    DbgPrint("device object of USBSTOR name = %wZ rn", &name);
    nextDevObj = (gFuncTbl.GetLowerDeviceObject)( currentDevObj );
    ObDereferenceObject( currentDevObj );
    currentDevObj = nextDevObj;

    } while (NULL != currentDevObj);

    ObDereferenceObject( devList
    ObDereferenceObject( DriverObject );



    I found error, thanks to all who wans to help me.
    My code above is absolutely workable, i’m in a hurry now and i did foolish error (commenting some line of code bofere this code snippet).
    Thanks once more

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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