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    I purchased Net Firewall a few days ago and have spent some time learning about how to use it and trying to get the right set of rules configured for my dedicated server that is hosted by

    The server is a Windows Server 2003 standard edition, used as a web server for a community site I run and a few small client sites. I run ArgoPro mail server, and SQL Server 2005 on this machine. It is plenty powerful enough for these. However I have recently noticed a slow down in performance and some strange files appearing, after some investigation I discovered it had been hijacked for peer to peer file sharing, and there was a lot of port scanning activity too. So I figured it was time to invest in a firewall, something I never quite got around to.

    Anyway as I said I spent a lot of time reading the docs and this forum to try and get the right set of rules and set them up. However as soon as I enabled the High Security Level I lost my Remote Desktop connection and could no longer connect the for web, mail or database access.

    Fortunately I have alternative access via a Remote Control device and was able to get services back up and running, but I can’t figure out what I did wrong. Could someone take a look at the rules file below and tell me what I have missed please.



    Please tell me what version of NeT Firewall do you have.

    It seems to me your configuration is proper, but in some previous version we had a bag with one direcion rules.

    Please contact with me by mail.


    @Kon wrote:

    Please contact with me by mail.

    I did just that, and Andrew was extremely helpfull in making sure I had the very latest version of the software.

    Sadly the problem turned out to be my fault as my LocalIPs alias was wrong. I had stupidly entered two addresses in the range 88.208.220.* as 80.208.220.* so of course the firewall did exactly what it was told and blocked all traffic to my server.

    Andrew was very courteous and did not laugh loud enough for me to hear at least 😀

    Thanks for all the help Andrew

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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