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    I am seeing a hang when uninstalling the LWF driver on one of my test systems (about 6 or 7 others are fine). This MSDN post seems is the exact symptoms I am seeing. The snetcfg command hangs doing an uninstall of the LWF using the command provided in the help files. Task manager is not able to directly kill the snetcfg during this time. Choosing Start->Shutdown and hitting Cancel on the ‘These program are preventing Windows from shutting down’ screen, I can see that snetcfg immediatly completes what it was doing. Just like in the MSDN post, disconnecting from WiFi or Ethernet seems to make this not happen. I am working on getting detailed logs of what is going on by using the logman commands mentioned in that MSDN post. Have you seen anything like this?

    Vadim Smirnov

    I have not seen the behaviour like this myself, but I have heard about one such case already. I agree with the second post in MSDN that this may be caused by pending NBL’s in underlaying NDIS miniport driver. Have you tried to update your WAN/LAN drivers? Which exactly causes the hang?

    One possible option can be disabling network interfaces prior to LWF driver uninstallation. It can be also done from command line using devcon utility like described here http://wlanbook.com/enable-disable-wireless-card-command-line/


    Interesting; I also experienced a lockup of snetcfg on uninstall on my main development machine. Even Process Explorer was unable to kill the process. Internet connection was broken until after a reboot. Have not tried testing on my dev machine (Win7-64) since.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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