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      I’m using WinpkFilter 2.4.1, eval version (a buy request is already being processed by our beancounters 🙂 )

      I used the PassThru delphi sample to create a small .dll that “cuts” the network connection and later restores it.

      I keep getting an exception when procedure ReleaseInterface runs. The problem is this line:

      // Close Event
      if hEvent <> 0 then CloseHandle(hEvent);

      I get an exception of EExternalException class with message “External exception C000008”.

      If I comment this line, the next (and last) line:

      // Close driver object
      CloseFilterDriver (hFilt);

      it raises an Access Violation: EAccessViolation class with message “Access violation at address 00AD017B. Write of address 83EC8B55”.

      Right now I have commented these (last) two lines and everything seems to work fine: the network is restored.

      Is this OK ? I’m afraid that a memory leak might be lurking here.

      Vadim Smirnov

        Hmm, it is difficult to say what actually happens because I don’t know how you’ve created the code for the DLL. The original sample (console application) had not such problems, so probably it is somehow relative to moving the code into the DLL…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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