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    When I test the gretunnel sample with two vmware guest OS(one is XP OS, and the other is Win2003 OS), I encountered the duplicated packets issues as the another post on forum regarding duplicated packets, but the duplicated packets phenomenon will reproduce only in the case of Winpkfilter with NDIS-IM driver, and in the same environment, the NDIS-Hook driver works fine!

    Testing environment and process as following:
    1. Vmware Host is WIN7 64bit, set both the guest VMware network connection to bridged mode
    2. Vmware Guest OS A: XP 32bit + winpkfilter(NDIS-IM driver), ip:
    3. Vmware Guest OS B: WIN2003 32bit + winpkfilter(NDIS-IM driver) + Wireshark(only for packets monitor), ip:
    4. Before testing the gretunnel sample, both guest vmware os can ping throught each other.
    5. Runing greturnnel sample in both system, when I ping at B, B can ping throught A, but I found the wireshark shows the duplicate packets, one is original icmp packet, and another is gre-packet.


    P.S. Perhaps because of the protocol driver of the Winpcap, the above Wireshark’s output is correct, but in my serveral tests, which I once saw in Wireshark shows two packets is exactly the same. Tomorrow I will continue to testing the gretunnel sample, when the next time I reproduced such a situation, I will upload the screenshots.

    Vadim Smirnov

    NDIS-hook driver intercepts the particular binding between TCP/IP and network interface, while NDIS IM and LWF drivers intercept all bindings (between all installed protocols and network adapters). This explains the different behaviour.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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