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    Hi everyone,

    I set up a virtual machine running Windows XP SP2. I’m debugging this machine through a faked serial port using WinDbg.

    Anyway, I started playing a bit with the various descriptor tables present in the system, especially the GDT. Now, my problem is that WinDbg – to the best of my knowlede – does not offer any convinient ways to dump/alter the GDT. What I mean is that when I want to dump a specific GDT entry, I use the following command:

    db gdtr + 8 *  l 8

    when is the ordinal of the entry I wish to dump.
    What I’m looking for is a command that provides me with an index-based access to the table in a way which resembles C arrays, something like:

    dump gdt[x]

    Another thing I’m looking for is a command which will dissect an entry to its various bit-fields and display them in an ordered fashion.

    Is there anything like this?
    Thanks in advance.

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