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I was having problems with VMware bridged networking after the VirtNet adapter was installed and thought it might be related to the problem you’re seeing with the WinPK filter, but I’m not familiar with that software package, so I’m not sure. I hope that the steps I had to take to get bridged networking working might help you with the WinPK filter.

I saw the problems with bridged networking on two machines (work and home), and I had to do one or both of the following to get it working with the VirtNet loopback adapter:

– reconfigure the VMware Virtual Network using the “Virtual Network Editor”. If you are using VMware Workstation, you can open the editor using the “Edit/Virtual Network Editor…” menu item. My understanding is that with VMware Player the Virtual Network Editor might not be accessible via the menus or even installed by default. If you’re running VMware Player, you might need to extract the editor from the installation image. This article has some details on how to do that:

Once you have opened the Virtual Network Editor, select VMnet0 (which is the default bridged virtual network) then change the “Bridged to:” option to the the appropriate physical network adapter the VM should be bridged to instead of the default “Automatic”.

– the other problem I ran into on one of my machines (which really has nothing to do with the VirtNet adapter, but it caused me a lot of grief when I was trying to troubleshoot the VirtNet problem) was that it was running a rather aggressive firewall, Agnitum Outpost Firewall. To fix this problem, I followed the instructions on Agnitum’s “KB Article: VMware virtual machines fail to access the network. What is the problem?”:

I suspect that even if you’re running a different software firewall which is causing problems with bridged networking (you can usually test that by disabling the firewall entirely for a short period to see if the VM’s network starts functioning), the general instructions may help with configuration there as well, even if the specific steps are different.