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@Deneb wrote:

Hello guys,

one problem concerning ProtocolReceive in NDIS IM driver. I see the
functions indicates up the data received using MacReceiveContext with
the NDIS_HANDLE MacReceiveContext parameter ( the second parameter ).
If data received is not enough, I call NdisTransferData to get the
rest of the packet, and I wnat to delay the indication until
NdisTransferData returns successfull. I want to indicate the receive
in the ProtocolTransferDataComplete handler. The problem is, what
function should I use to indicate and, if NdisMEthIndicateReceive is
the answer ( for 802_3 ) then what parameter should I pass in the


MacReceiveContext – is the context of Packet Receive Operation.
You can pass any handle there, but be ready to be called at MiniportTransferData with this very handle. And you’ll have to copy the data of the packet for that handle.
Do I make myself clear ?