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Vadim Smirnov

Hmm, you mean that HL server reports its IP addresses to master server? If so then probably VirtNet adapter with assigned external IP address is a solution. In any case you will also need the correct port mapping on NAT device.

The problem may appear if HL server reports only one IP address (from which it communicate to master server).

– Must i set MAC address identical to physical network card ? i think yes

I think no, MAC address for VirtNet does not really makes sense because this adapter never really sends/receives packets.

– How frames are routed/dispatch between the 2 addresses

If you have got configured port mapping on NAT device you will receive packets to and you don’t really need to care about routing.

– Is the Virtual IP is knowne from router. In this case have i to forward incoming frames to Virtual IP rather than

Don’t understand what you mean.

– Have i set new routes on server and/or router

I have already mentioned port mapping required on NAT device.