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Vadim Smirnov

Im installing driver with snetcfg with ndisrd.inf and ndisrd_m.inf parameters but im using ndis hooking driver with delphi

NDIS hooking driver must be installed by adding registry entries, not by using snetcfg and INF files created for NDIS IM variant of the driver. Doing like you do would cause unpredictable behavior of the system. At least driver won’t work correctly if installed this way. So probably you use NDIS IM driver, not NDIS hooking one.

I used version of ndisrd.sys

It is recommended to update to 3.0.4. NDIS IM driver included in 3..0.2 had some known problems with loopback packets processing and could be a reason of the BSOD mentioned.

I dont know another way of installing driver. I tried to write values into registery with my own installer, I got some errors on different machines with windows xp. How can I do clear install hooking driver automatically? Is there another script or etc? like snet cfg

I can send you a NSIS installer script for the latest build of winpkfilter for the reference if you want.