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Vadim Smirnov


Thank you for reporting this. I’ve got a few questions:

1) WinpkFilter NDIS hooking variant is installed directly through the registry. snetcfg is only applicable to NDIS IM variant of WinpkFilter. Which driver have actually used?

2) What version of WinpkFilter have you used? Prior 3.0.4 WinpkFilter NDIS IM driver may have meet problems with loopback packets processing which would cause the similar crash. This was fixed in 3.0.4.

3) What Windows version have you used? I’ve quickly tested Windows XP 32 bit with IPX installed and have not noticed problems with both NDIS IM and NDIS hooking drivers.

4) If you have any firewall(even integrated with AV)/VPN software installed then please let us know the name and the version, since this can be a software driver conflict.