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Vadim Smirnov

>Q. Has the Net Firewall been thoroughly tested on W2K Advanced Server?

Yes, it was. However, I should note that even thorough testing can’t cover all possible hardware/software configurations. It was even specially tested during 12 hours under heavy network load (using WAPT) trying to reproduce the problem you had. Regretfully with no result.

>Q. Is Net Firewall still in beta, and if so is the development of the application being aggressively pursued, or is it >considered a “stable version”? I am running version 2.2.1, which has the updated password protection.

It is stable and I have it running constantly on the few my own systems without having any problems like you described.

>Q. I am running F-Prot Anti Virus, a virus scanning agent, that I have been able to successfully employ as the agent >engine for Imail Server 8.1, has the software been tested running with F-Prot, although this is a not a packet filtering >application, and should not effect Net Firewall.

It’s hardly possible to test any product with all software available worldwide. One question, had you ever install other firewalls? If yes, are you sure that they were completely uninstalled? Some of firewalls forget or fail to remove their kernel components what can be followed by a certain conflicts.

>Q. The only other means of Internet security I employ is TCP/IP filtering, does this have any effect on the stability or >is it a possibility that employing TCP/IP filtering can create this problem?

NeT Firewall has not any known problems with MS native TCP/IP filtering, so it’s not an issue.

We are still trying to reproduce the problem you have, if you can provide more details about your system (hardware/software configuration, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices export and etc..) we would appreciate it.