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The real reason to come here is that now that I have finished my app, I want to write an Article on how to use it, how it was created.

I was thinking of the distribution cases. The most simple for me is to link to the WinpkFilter Framework download page and instruct users to install it and then put my exe in the bin folder.

That will work but I was wondering if I can make a more integrated install process. My application is written in Delphi (source code will be open). It needs the ndisapi.dll It in his turn needs the driver installed. Is there a setup script to install only the driver, the ndisapi.dll and a executable of your choice. Sorry if I’m being impudent. These days I have spend some time on the problem and realize that it’s not a small thing to create a Framework like this. I appreciate that you allow distributing the Framework package and use it freely… but can someone again for non-commercial, educational use… have a simple redistributable with the dll, the driver, and an application?


I have posted the important part of the application… the other stuff is simply GUI that will also be available as source