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Vadim Smirnov

Windows Packet Filter 3.2.4 released:


  • Windows XP Embedded installation fix (Embedded required NDIS IM driver to be present in WINDIR)
  • Silent installation support with /S switch

Internet Gateway sample:

  • Fixed packet multiplication issue caused by combination of Wireshark, loopback packet indications and single interface routing


  • Built-in filters performance optimization
  • Adapter list change event fix (removed time gap between event and actual change of the list)
  • Possible memory leak issue fixed
  • INF file for LWF changed to bind below and above Ethernet bridge
  • Fixed incorrect field alignment in NDISHK_PACKET
  • Fixed NDIS 5.1 IM DriverVerifyer crash
  • Fixed issue with network interface MTU configuration changes

If you are eligible for a free update, please send the following details to tо receive an update instruction:

  1. Your order ID.
  2. An approximate date of purchasing.