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Vadim Smirnov

There are more and more devices (4G or 3G broadband USB stick) coming out with different types and I want to let WinPkFilter to see the packets from them.

These devices normally has wan or ethernet (if vendor provides ethernet emulation software) media type. Since Windows 7 new media type was added (Mobile Brodband stack) named ppip. All these media types are supported by WinpkFilter drivers.

I can set up as “no lower” type in filtermediatype but that will filter all the devices which I prefer not doing. Any idea what I can do?

Yes, thats right, installing on nolower media type does not have much sense. The only real world case is supporting filtering over VMWare virtual network interfaces. If VMWare adapters is a “must have” requirement I would find to find a workaround for it, may be change VMWare adapter media type to ethernet.

If I want to update the filter intermediate driver, do I have to delete all the cached inf/pnf files?

The only way to update an NDIS IM driver is to remove the old NetService and install the new version of the NetService. NetCfg does not do ‘updates’ for NetService entries. If INF files specifies a newer version of driver it should work as expected. Earlier if driver is already installed you could just replace the driver binary and reboot, however I’m not sure if it will succesfully deal with driver signing requirements as CAT file also changed.