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A quick update:

I modified my code based on your last comments (thanks for the response by the way), and ended up with this:

byte[] newPacket = new byte[sizeof(ETHER_HEADER) + sizeof(IPHeader) + sizeof(UdpHeader) + sizeof(PlatformHeader) + dataLength + sizeof(GPSHeader)];

outgoingBuffer = PacketBuffer;
outgoingBuffer.m_Length = PacketBuffer.m_Length + (uint)sizeof(GPSHeader);
outgoingBuffer.m_IBuffer = newPacket;

IntPtr outgoingPacket = Marshal.AllocHGlobal(Marshal.SizeOf(outgoingBuffer));
Marshal.StructureToPtr(outgoingBuffer, outgoingPacket, false);

ETH_REQUEST outgoingRequest = new ETH_REQUEST();
outgoingRequest.hAdapterHandle = Request.hAdapterHandle;
outgoingRequest.EthPacket.Buffer = outgoingPacket;

// put the modified packet on the network card for sending
Ndisapi.SendPacketToAdapter(hNdisapi, ref outgoingRequest);

When it gets to the line Marshal.StructureToPtr(…) I get the following error:
Type could not be marshaled because the length of an embedded array instance does not match the declared
length in the layout.

I assume that this is a problem with the data length or something but I can’t figure it out. Any idea as to why I would be getting this error?