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@serga wrote:

Problem is the follow:
try to unload driver on smp-somputer and system gets bsod (in ExFreeMemoryWithTag), on uni-processor computer evererything is ok.
Look through driver’s sources and see that memory is freed only once in that line, but debuger gets that ExFreeMemoryWithTag couses BAD_POOL_CALLER. Please tell, how could be fixed this problem or give some clue where to search solve of problem. thnaks a lot))

This is not an SMP problem. Memory pool syncronized by internal kernel code. BAD_POOL_CALLER appear in ExFreeMemoryWithTag, when you try to free pool with wrong Tag parameter. In some kernels you got such BSOD in one processor systems. Some times you can get this bugcheck in WXP builds of yours driver caused by driver verifyer. For more information search DDK / IFS headers for ExFreePool redefines.