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Vadim Smirnov

On my computer, the list of available adapters includes a “WAN Network Interface (IP)” adapter. If I attempt to send a generic Ethernet packet through this adapter, using SendPacketToAdapter(), it causes my Windows XP SP3 VMware Server instance to fault and reboot. I didn’t test for this on other computers.

This is a know issue. If you try to send packet with incorrect Ethernet header on the NDISWANIP (WAN Network Interface (IP)) it may crash the NDIS.SYS. NDISWAN uses Ethernet addresses from the packet header to identify the exact WAN link (actually bytes from Ethernet header used as an index in the WAN links table). If the index for the table is wrong NDISWAN references incorrect memory and crashes. So you should be very careful with what packet you send on NDISWANIP.

The only way it can be fixed is checking Ethernet header for WAN interface in driver and dropping packets with incorrect headers (not associated with any active WAN links). However, from other side this would add some sort of limitation to what you can do with WInpkFilter (I can imagine the situation with layered filters which uses Ethernet addresses for some sort of remapping). So dealing with this issue was left to developers who use WInpkFilter. By request this special check can be added to the driver custom build.