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Vadim Smirnov

@kdub wrote:

Is the PacketBuffer.m_Length property supposed to hold the length of the entire packet or does it contain the total length of the headers (ETH,IP,TCP)?

Yes, this is entire packet length (headers and payload).

@kdub wrote:

I am filtering for only ETH_P_IP packets and the m_Length is always 54 which appears to be the header sizes (14,20,20). I am not able to get the payload data but I can get the IP and TCP header data successfully.

Believe or not, not all packets on the network are 54 bytes length and not all packets are TCP. In order to check if packet is TCP you have to check protocol field on the IP header which specifies next protocol.

@kdub wrote:

What is the correct way to get the length of the entire packet (ETH, IP, TCP,PAYLOAD,CHECKSUM) using the VB PassThru example?

Read Ethernet header, check if next protocol is IP. Read IP header, check if next protocol is TCP. If it is then read TCP header and follow up data if there is any.