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i write a program with delphi
but i have problem Correct Calculate TCP CheckSum
i used code write by “heilong”
give correct on IPcheksum And ICMPcheksum
but on UDP & TCP incorect result
i think this code need “pseudo header”
See Picture :

i read all other post in froums about CheckSum ,
and read all fucntion in C++ to calculatechecksum

i can convert this code to DLL and export fucntion:
but I do not know used parammerter in delphi

But i can’t wirte a correct algoritm in delphi 🙁
or give me any solution in DELPHI to i can correct TCP & UDP checksum Calculate

Edited @00:14 AM , used 🙂 OKY 😯
دهنمو گاید ، ولی بلاخره شد ، ای مردشور هرچی پوینتر هست ببرن 🙂