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1) Do you have VLAN enabled interfaces in Windows 2008?
I don’t know about VLAN. Virtual LAN? perhaps virtual machine have Virtual LAN.

2) Can you check is RDP connection established but dropped or not even established (you can check this using network snifer)? If ping works but another protocol fails it can be MTU (packet size issue), as ICMP packets are very small by default.
Unfortunately When RDP fail i does have any access to server

3) Can be the system be accessed by any other protocol/port besides RDP?
Actually I didn’t test it. as soon as I install WinPKFilter i loose my server. I just check PING.

4) Do you use any WinpkFilter application on the system or just the default driver installation stops the RDP?
I just install the driver nothing else.

Additional info:
I test WinPKFilter in HYPER-V, it work. so I create an application with WinPKFilter, the issue raised when I found my server does not response after some time (maybe 1 to 48 hour). First I thought it was my application fault. so I add some filter to WinPKFilter with SetPacketFilterTable and ENSURE that it does not redirect RDP. but still that happen same. my hyper-V server just have 500 MB ram, so I thought it may because of memory usage, so I order another VPS based on XEN with 1GB ram and I lost VPS each time after I just Install your driver. the rest i report you before.

I have a dedicated server (not virtual) with 2GB ram, I have not such issue over it just maybe 1 time thats happen but I don’t sure.

I think WinPKFilter have a error in driver and very hard to find it. I trying to remove the WinPKFilter from my project (still didn’t find any working solution). the project that I told you before about it.

Now I have VPS and control panel in it is useless for me. I can give you its panel and VPS root access to you so you can do ANYTHING on it. atleast it always stop RDP immediately after you install WinPKFitler.

Also this forum never notify your reply. I should test it time to time myself. I check “Notify me when a reply is posted” too.