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@SerpentFly wrote:

1) Could you please describe your software/hardware configuration?

This has been seen on two different laptops. 1, and Asus with an Atheros AR9285 wifi card and JMicrom Gigabit ethernet card. The other a Gateway with an Atheros AR5B92 wfi card and Broadcom Gigabit ethernet card.
@SerpentFly wrote:

2) What tool have you used to capture the traffic?

Wireshark was used to verify traffic before, during, and after application execution.
@SerpentFly wrote:

Have you expirienced this with your own application only or standard utilities shipped with WinpkFilter behaves the same?

It was experienced with our own application based off an older version of the Internet Gateway example application. The same application with a year old (forget the version number, but I can find it if needed) version of the IM driver did not exhibit this behavior. It was also seen using the current version of the Internet Gateway example application. Machines were rebooted between application executions (Internet Gateway was run on a fresh boot without running our own application). The problem persists after stopping either application until the LWF driver is disable on the adapter.
During this state, running a series of pings would result in some pings showing successful, some showing TTL exceeded, others showing general failure messages.

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3) Have you used promiscuous mode?

I have not set promiscuous mode.

@SerpentFly wrote:

Try to remove cached INF/PNF files from WIndowsINF folder.

All instances are removed from both WindowsINF and WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepository using the pnputil.exe shipped with Windows, and verified through Windows Explorer and grep utilities. I’ve seen this on the Asus mentioned above, and a Virtual Machine running under Virtual Box.