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Vadim Smirnov

I have performed a quick test of WinpkFilter 3.0.8 LWF driver on the fresh copy of Windows 7 x64. Besides WinpkFilter only Wireshark was installed. System was connected to the Internet through the LAN network adapter.

I have not noticed any dulicated packets neither in normal or even in promiscuous mode. So the issue is probably caused by your software or hardware configuration.

From my previous expirience duplicated packets are usually caused by incorrect loopback indicated packets processing. It is like packet is sent by filter or protocol driver to the network interface is indicated back (as it would be received from the network) to all other bindings (protocol or filter drivers). Normally it does not cause any real problems, however if you have several third party network components installed on your system (like an example NAT with single NIC routing feature) it may cause some unexpected behaviour. An example, single NIC routing NAT may reroute the loopback packet back into the network thus causing it being indicated back to all other bindings once again. This may even cause nearly endless loop until TTL expire.