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Vadim Smirnov

– I need to forward packets for WAN links or interfaces ; in order to do NAT I need to know what is the IP of this interface/connection. For the connection, I can use the RAS_LINKS structure. But is there another way for the interface than looking in the registry with the device ID ?

– I also need to know the DNS server(s) from these interface/connection. For the interface I can look into the same key of the registry ; but for the connection, I don’t know how to find it (the information is also in the registry, but how can I proceed to know its ID ?)

You can use IP helper API for these tasks, there is no way to do that with WinpkFilter driver.

Since I know now I can use your driver and API, I’ll have to purchase it. How does it work after, I download a package containing all tools to install it or so ? I’d need to perform a silent install of the driver, is this possible ?
Other question, are the sources of the VirtNet adapter available in this package ? It would be nice if I could rename it with the name of my company.

Creating the silent installation for WinpkFilter driver is possible. The only important thing you have to care is obtaining code signing certificate and sign driver binaries to avoid Unknown Publisher warnings and allow WinpkFilter driver to load on Vista/7 x64 in normal mode. If you license WinpkFilter I will deliver you VirtNet source code for free.