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My application is almost over ; I still have some little questions but I guess there is no solution with you API :

– I need to forward packets for WAN links or interfaces ; in order to do NAT I need to know what is the IP of this interface/connection. For the connection, I can use the RAS_LINKS structure. But is there another way for the interface than looking in the registry with the device ID ?

– I also need to know the DNS server(s) from these interface/connection. For the interface I can look into the same key of the registry ; but for the connection, I don’t know how to find it (the information is also in the registry, but how can I proceed to know its ID ?)

Since I know now I can use your driver and API, I’ll have to purchase it. How does it work after, I download a package containing all tools to install it or so ? I’d need to perform a silent install of the driver, is this possible ?
Other question, are the sources of the VirtNet adapter available in this package ? It would be nice if I could rename it with the name of my company.

Thank you for your answers.