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Vadim Smirnov

Loading the following filter will force all UDP packets to pass without processing in user mode, all other packets will be redirected for processing to user mode.

// Common values
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_Adapter.QuadPart = 0; // applied to all adapters
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_ValidFields = NETWORK_LAYER_VALID;
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_FilterAction = FILTER_PACKET_PASS;
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_dwDirectionFlags = PACKET_FLAG_ON_SEND | PACKET_FLAG_ON_RECEIVE;

// Network layer filter
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_NetworkFilter.m_dwUnionSelector = IPV4;
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_NetworkFilter.m_IPv4.m_ValidFields = IP_V4_FILTER_PROTOCOL;
pFilters->m_StaticFilters[0].m_NetworkFilter.m_IPv4.m_Protocol = IPPROTO_UDP;

Refer “filter” sample for the general filters usage.