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SerpentFly wrote:
If I use this code and trace it using packet sniffer it sends the packets. I am sending the packet to local PC itself. But in the sniffed packet I see Frame check sequence error. Will it create any problem. Can u please tell me why the error occurring ? And what I am missing here ?

The code above initializes only Ethernet header and sets next protocol as IP without initializing the IP header. This may cause sniffers to show this packet as a bogus one.

Can you please tell me how to set IP header. I tried to create one and send it to my own PC, I am able to sniff it but its not like a typical IP, TCP header packet. Instead it shows as Logical Link Control packet. Can winpkfilter be used to send packet as if it is coming from remote PC ( internet remote host like yahoo ? ) Please please help me out. I am in deep trouble …