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Thanks for the installation script.

Though we use different installation script, I studied the install script sent by you.

1) Filename: “{app}Kerneldriversigndrv.bat”; Parameters: “save”; StatusMsg: “Saving current driver install policy…”; Flags: runhidden
the signdrv.bat does not take parameter “save”
i get the error “Usage: signdrv.bat when I run that.

2) I get the same error for “restore” parameter.

i checked the signdrv.bat file to see the script. there are no options for “save” and “restore”. But my question is how they are successfully executed during installation of winpkfilter?

3) I found a set of files in winpkfilter frameworkkernelbinimdrvamd64 except for snetcfg, I tried to execute. without success.

I have following questions.

1) am I using different files?
I am sending the files to you. just check if I am working on correct files

2) when I use command prompt in vista, are the commands run as administrator? I dont understand windows as much 🙂

3) are the drivers different for amd machines? i am using amd processors for both the vista systems I am using. But if that is the case, why is the winpkfilter installation successful?

Thanks in advance.

Anil Chandra K