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1) Are you trying to install on Vista x86 or x64?
x86 – vista home is x86. we dont have x64 right now. (we ordered)

2) Have you taken the correct drivers, INF files and snetcfg matching the OS (32 bit driver for x86, 64 bit for x64)? May be the problem in snetcfg tool if you have taken the original version from DDK instead the modified one we use.

We are using snetcfg and other files from installation of winpkfilter.
After installing winpkfilter on vista, there is a directory (winpkfilter frameworkkerneldriver). the snetcfg tool and other files are taken from that directory.

3) Commands mentioned should be executed under Administrator account. You have mentioned that you tried, but I would recommend to recheck.
We have cross – checked the admin account. we are using under *administrator* account.

4) And the last, if you run WinpkFilter run-time installation does it install normally?
the winpkfilter installation on vista (x86) is installed smoothly and I am able to run test applications successfully.